We are 180 Pro

The cheerleading industry has evolved faster than any sport or physical activity in the world. We have, in 2 short decades, gone from a support system for athletics- to BEING the athletes. All-Star cheerleading is in its infancy when compared to say, travel baseball or softball. But with over 2500 cheer/dance gyms across the country, and countless gyms emerging across the world, it is clear that all-star cheerleading and dance is here to stay. As with most businesses, owning an all-star cheer/dance gym can be challenging. Not only is there a “season” where most of the kids take off some or all of the summer, but enrollment can go up or down based off your success as a team each season. What is lacking is consistency in cash-revenue. Getting new students and growing them into life-long cheerleaders is a daunting task for most gym owners. Until now. We are 180 Pro. A cheerleading consulting company with only one mission: to help you as a gym owner succeed. We are the only All-Star cheer gym-consulting group of our kind, and the ONLY one to be recommended by Varsity All-Star, the nation’s leader in the spirit industry.