Team Bonding Ideas

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A successful business is built with a successful staff. Team bonding doesn't seem like the frontmost of importance in your business, but can help keep clear communication, friendly coworkers, happy faces and ultimately more hardworking individuals. Halloween is the perfect time of year to incorporate some team bonding, here are a few of our spooky yet great ways to bond with your team! 


  1. Throw a Halloween breakfast, lunch or mid-day break with Halloween Themed Treats. Provide treats, but welcome potluck donations and encourage creativity. If the potluck generates enough interest, turn it into a contest for Best-Tasting, Best Halloween-themed, Scariest Dish, etc.
  2. Have a costume party or parade. Bring a boombox and play Halloween CDs, or hook up speakers to a computer to play a Halloween Pandora station, a Spotify playlist, or your own mix (to get you started, here’s a list of the best Halloween Top 40 songs from the past 50 years).
  3. Host a pumpkin-carving event. Provide pumpkins and carving utensils.
  4. Attend a haunted house, haunted hay ride or corn maze together! Be sure to take lots of pictures to remember all the fun times.
  5. Play Halloween team building gamesMonster Match-Up and Mummy Wrap are two fun ones.
  6. Schedule volunteer activities on Halloween. Have teams dress in costume and support favorite community causes.

If you try any of these out, be sure to let us know how it went by tagging us on Instagram or Facebook (@180Pro). Check out our 180 Pro Team Bonding below! 

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Stacy Rowe