5 Websites & Apps You'll Love!

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A busy day can be stressful, luckily in this day and age there is a new employee everyone loves.. Technology! From starting your day on the right foot to completing little tasks for you, there's a phone, site or app that makes your day just a little easier. Today we are sharing our 5 favorite sites and apps for a more productive day. 


1. Mailchimp - Mailchimp is most likely our most utilized site (and app!). This helpful place is great for beginners and advanced coders alike. Mailchimp offers the ability to create and distribute emails, campaigns and more. Our favorite feature? The ability to draft and schedule email campaign tracks on different dates, timelines and more. Create & schedule emails, so that you won't miss any in case important situations leave you distracted. 


2. PicMonkey - Something about monkeys being the best helpers, am I right? Picmonkey is also widely used in the 180 Pro offices. This editing site is used to create everything from flyers, social media posts, snapchat filters and more! Picmonkey is loaded with clipart style images, graphic designs, fonts and more but you can also upload your own to keep things custom to your brand. 


3. Survey Monkey - While on the subject of primates we love, Survey Monkey has been a huge game changer in the way we interact with customers, clients and potential clients. Survey monkey allows you to create both surveys and forms that can be filled out and emailed directly back to you. This is a great way to analyze what's working or not working for your business or just reach out to potential customers. 


4. Hootsuite You have enough on your plate to worry about social media! Plan and schedule your social posts with Hootsuite. Another feature we love, the analytics. You can track and gauge how your audience is responding, to produce more content that matters. 


5. Pinterest -  Needing some inspo or new ideas? Pinterest is your BFF! It's also a great marketing tool for your business. With over 150 million active users, it's the perfect place to share social media posts, blog posts and more. 


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Stacy Rowe