New Year, New You!


Happy New Year! As the calendar starts over, it is the perfect time to hit refresh for your body as well. A happy, healthier life will spill over into a healthier, more efficient business! Today our {180} Pros are here to help you with some tips to start 2018 on the right foot and make this the best year yet.


1. Set Small Goals. Setting a few large goals can be overwhelming and cause you to jump ship. Set a series of small goals instead. Not only will you be crossing them off more frequently, but you'll have a huge boost of accomplishment and confidence seeing how far you've grown. Plus, small goals seem less intimidating, so you're more likely to tackle them head on.


2. Write it down. Keep a journal or note close by with all your resolutions. You're more likely to carry through and remember them if you have a physical place to refer to them.


3. Reorganize & Refresh. Spend a day or two cleaning out and reorganizing your home, office, car, etc. Getting rid of excess junk while reorganizing what is important will be the perfect fresh start to a new year.


4. Reevaluate your Routine. Spend an afternoon analyzing your daily routines, budgets, lifestyles, etc. Eliminate what is unnecessary, unhealthy or wasteful to pave the way for a more productive 2018.


5. Ask for Help. Accepting that scaling is a major part of your business. Having a partner or even team member that can be a helping hand, open ear for listening or advice when needed can be a major key in tackling 2018. At 180 Pro, we know just the people that can help!


Once a week, we will be doing Facebook Live Events to help you with your gym. They will cover a range of topics and hopefully be a positive, helping hand when things maybe just aren't going your way. Be sure to join us each week to listen to our personal stories, advice, ask any questions or just connect with other gym owners!


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Stacy Rowe