Interview Tips

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Growing your team correctly can make or break your business. Finding workers that mesh together, work better and get along day in and out is crucial to a positive, hard working office. 

An interview is a two-way conversation. A skilled interviewer who makes the candidate comfortable will gain valuable information about the person and present a positive image of their company, improving the odds of the best candidate being hired. 

Whether you're looking for coaches, managers, front desk staff or beyond - these tips can help you grow your team today! 


First, it's important to set a comfortable, approachable interview environment. Making your interviewee feel welcome and at ease will help to get to know their true self, capabilities and make them want to work with your wonderful team! 

Start out with questions about your interviewee- get to know them and their background in the field. Here's a few of our favorite questions:

How did you hear about us?

- Tell me a little about yourself. 

- What is your training and background in 'x field'?


Next, get to know their employment history and availability. Here's a few of our favorite questions:

- Where did you work/coach before this? 

- What hours/days are you available?

- What is the reason for leaving your last job?

Just because they are available, doesn't mean they are the right fit for your team. It's important to get to know about their teaching/work style and philosophy. Here's some of the questions we use to do this:

- If you could describe your work day/class in one word what would it be?

- What inspires your work/class?

- How do you inspire your students/others?

In addition to knowing their teaching style, it's important to know their day to day operations.

- Describe your typical class/day to me.

- How do you handle difficulties in the office/gym?

Hiring someone can be for the long haul! It's great to know what their goals and aspirations are in both life and work. Hiring someone with a plan for the future, means they will most likely have a plan for their time at work.

- Where do you see yourself in 6 months? A year?

- What are your long term career goals?

- What skills/qualities do you have that will be a valuable asset to our team/gym?

Remember that interviews can be nerve wracking for both you and the potential employee. Be yourself, be kind and express interest and things will go smoothly! What are some of your favorite interview tips? Be sure to 'Like' our Facebook Page to receive more business tips.

Stacy Rowe