Social Media Like a PRO


Social media used to be just for fun but as it grows in popularity, it also grows in priority for your business. Mastering social media effectively can be a challenge. The ever changing in's and out's could require an entire team of specialists but luckily for you, we're here to share our tips!


One thing that is huge in the world of social media is consistent posting. Often this poses one huge problem- lack of content. On days that you are clueless on what to post, need to make an announcement or want to share a tip/story/fun fact/etc., JPEGs are your hero!


You may ask 'What's a JPEG'? It's an graphic or image that often includes photos, logos, words or information to convey to your audience. They are often saved in the form of .JPEG which is how they got the nickname around our office! Call them whatever you'd like, but get ready to call them a lot because you're going to love them!


Ready to get started? We followed one of our content creation specialists to get the step by step guide on JPEGs.


STEP ONE: Plan your Content. 

Planning your content is a huge way to improve you social presence. At the start of each month, our digital team meets to map out every email blast, Instagram post, Facebook post, blog post and even Instagram story. Some random ones will pop up through the month, which is perfectly fine but having a set schedule will help you stay consistent! Some benefits of an organized schedule: Increased viewership, more thought out posts and better communication throughout your team/company. We use a giant desk calendar from Walmart! If you have multiple social channels, you can write in different colors to easily clarify which one is for which. 

STEP TWO: Decision Time. 

Before making a JPEG, think about what type of emotion or action you want the reader to take. Our two most popular are Feel Good or Call to Action. Once your decision is made, you need to find your background or base for your JPEG. We recommend using a hero photo, this can be an image you captured or a 'stock photo'. Stock photos are royalty free images that are often free or available for purchase. If you're looking for free ones, we recommend


STEP THREE: Create. 

Get creative and have fun! Stay on brand and consistent by maintaining same font and html color codes for logos, text or graphic shapes. Here's our creation tips:

-Crop: You can google what dimensions you need for specific platforms, to ensure you don't lose valuable info.

-Edit: If you need to edit your image you can use PicMonkey (desktop) or Photoshop Express (mobile).

-Text: We use PicMonkey (Desktop) or Photoshop Express (Mobile)

-Additional Images/Logos: PicMonkey (Desktop) or EzWatermark (Mobile)

-Caption: Hootsuite describes the best captions as ones that adds to post's context, shows brands personality, entertains your audience and prompts your followers to take action.



Ready to get started? You can use these for employment opportunities, motivational quotes, athlete highlights, meeting dates and so much more! We would love to see how you use these tips to create your own JPEG, be sure to tag us on social media so we can check them out! Remember- BE CREATIVE, ENVOKE A FEELING, ADAPT & HAVE FUN WITH IT! Happy Posting!

Stacy Rowe