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Little Me. Big Dreams.

The Little Explorers program includes well crafted curriculums designed specifically for children ages 2-5 years and has many benefits. Children who participate in the Little Explorers program will learn to be more self-confident, listen and follow directions, discipline, develop good motor skills and coordination, and improve strength and flexibility. The benefits of Little Explorers preschool are so far beyond physical fitness. Little Explorers helps the child be more assertive, more confident and happier in their journey as they grow. We want each of them to feel comfortable with their body and what they can do with it. We want to help them be successful now and in the future. Click here to visit the Little Explorers by 180 Pro website. 



“Little Explorers Academy provides our gym with a constant flow of new customers in exactly the age group we needed!”


“When we added Little Explorers to our gym, we saw a huge increase in sibling enrollment and new families in our gym.”


“Little Explorers brought us new customers, but also provided a place for employees to get more hours and continue their professional growth!”














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Athlete + Artist = Dancer

The Dance Academy program includes well crafted curriculums designed specifically for children ages 2-18 yrs old. Dancers who participate in the Academy will learn to be more self-confident, develop good motor-skills and coordination and improve strength and flexibility. Dancers will learn proper technique and terminology if they choose to pursue dance in the future as a career. We want all dancers to gain the ability to be more assertive, focused, driven and comfortable with their body, mind and soul.

The Dance Academy is a unique program designed by dancers and dance educators, some of whom have children of their own. They understand from many points of view what dancers wanted and needed. The Dance Academy is dedicated to developing a well rounded dance program that fosters growth and passion for dance. There are several components to our Dance program. Each component has been designed to provide our dancers with positive learning, technique, strength, character building, knowledge of the art of dance and so much more. Click here to visit the Dance Academy by 180 Pro website. 




“The Dance Academy helped us build a recreational dance program with a great end of the year show. The best part about it, was that we eventually we able to start a competitive dance team program too.”


“Adding dance brought a whole new group of customers and a different level of excitement to our program!”















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United We Handstand

The Tumble Academy program includes well-crafted curriculums designed specifically for children ages 6 and up and has many benefits. Athletes who participate in the Tumble Academy program will learn to be more self confident, gain better body awareness, flexibility, and strength in a positive learning environment. The benefits of the Tumble Academy program are so far beyond just the art of tumbling. Our athletes learn to feel more comfortable in their bodies and gain confidence in what they can do with it. Our goal is to help them grow both physically and mentally, not just now, but for the future. Click here to visit the Tumble Academy by 180 Pro website. 



"The implementation of the Tumble Academy by 180Pro has been a great addition to our program and has provided the following growth; in August prior to implementation our tumbling program was at 121 athletes, in September we added 37 new athletes, in October we added 25 more athletes and currently November is on track to see greater numbers. These numbers for Define Yourself Tumble and Cheer are a direct representation of implementing Tumble Academy by 180Pro’s curriculum and manager duties. We highly recommend Tumble Academy for any gym looking to grow their numbers with a foolproof system." - Define Yourself Tumble & Cheer







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  • "how-to" manual
  • 12-month Marketing Guide
  • Kip Dog, Stamp and Pins
  • Internal Signage
  • Pop-Up Display
  • Branded Table Skirt
  • Monthly Curriculum
  • Monthly Newsletters




  • $500 Deposit
  • No payments for the first 6 months 




  • Staff Training
  • Website Listing
  • 180 PRO Guide
  • Weekly Emails
  • Monthly PRO Sessions
  • Quarterly Webinars
  • Communication, idea sharing and follow up!

CURRICULUM & materials

  • Comprehensive Curriculum Manual
  • Staff Training
  • Marketing Materials Availble
  • Access to 180 Pro Guide


  • 12-Month Marketing Guide
  • Website Listing
  • Individual Webpage
  • Social Media Marketing Guide

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